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Knowing The Actual Size of Your Home Pays Off

When the size of a home typically accounts for 70% of its value, it critical to know the actual size. Anderson Appraisal Services provides expert home measurement services to help you market the home you’re selling

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How Home Measurement Pays Off

In today’s highly competitive real estate industry, there has never been a greater need for the accurate reporting of a property’s true living area. All too often, the gross living area reported in public records differs from what exists.

Whether you’re a Realtor, a home buyer or a home seller, it’s important to know the true size of the home.

  • If you’re an agent, you are required you report accurate information in your MLS listing.
  • If you’re a home seller, the accurate pricing of your home is dependent obtaining an accurate measure of the home’s true size.
  • If you’re the buyer, you could be overpaying if your offer price is based on inaccurate data.

Here at Anderson Appraisal Services we offer two types of home measurement services. Our home measurements and floor plans are documents that support many important real estate dealings, ranging from individual home sales to tax protests.

Home Measurement

This is the most popular type of home measurement service requested. This service is designed to provide our clients with an accurate and affordable solution for the determination of a home’s gross living area (GLA). This basic service can be instrumental in assisting homeowners or realtors with the listing of their homes. Having the correct GLA in your listing can save you time and money and help expedite the sale of your home!

Floor Plan Recreation

Looking to sell or renovate your home? A Floor Plan Recreation is an affordable tool for marketing your home, and your diligence will pay off. The Floor Plans we provide show accurate GLA of the home with approximate locations of interior walls, doors, appliances and plumbing fixtures. Potential buyers will appreciate how the Floor Plans illustrate basic room dimensions to give them a clearer idea of how they can best make use of their space when they move in.

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Anderson Appraisal Services is one of San Diego’s oldest and most established appraisals firms. We have measured thousands of homes of every architectural type and size. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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I am currently a mortgage banker and have worked for other bankers, mortgage brokers and big banks over the past 16 years. Anderson Appraisal is by far the best appraisal company I have ever work with. They are knowledgeable, straight forward, responsive and do quality work. They do what they say they are going to do. Their performance is impeccable.
Dean Brown
Dean Brown
21:12 03 May 18
Anderson Appraisal Services did a great job of successfully presenting arguments to the Assessments Appeals Board that reduced the assessed value of our property from $3.0 million to $2.0 million, and performed the work both promptly and at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use the firm again.Joel H., Property Owner
Joel Holliday
Joel Holliday
21:09 07 May 18
By far the best service we have ever received from an appraisal service! Professional and knowledgable...a true pleasure to work with.
Kurtney Noonan
Kurtney Noonan
20:52 28 Mar 18
OMG.... efficient. Friendly, Professional. Needs to be on every good AMC's list.
David Sider
David Sider
07:02 11 Apr 18
Our appraiser, Kevin, was fantastic. He was fast, understanding, and very informative. He understood the dynamics of the neighborhood, offered advice on selling, and suggestions for improvements to get added value. I would certainly recommend the services of this company.
S. Rosser
S. Rosser
02:19 21 Dec 17

Home Measurement Report Recommendations

In addition to our two levels of home measurement services, you can also start with a search for the builder’s floor plan which often identifies the size of the home and can assist you in determining if modifications have been made to the home.

Our friends at SoCal Floorplans offer San Diego’s largest collection of floor plans! They have the floor plan for thousands of houses some of which date back to the 1950’s. We make them available to you anytime online. socalfloorplans.com

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This service is designed to provide our clients with an accurate and affordable solution for determination of a home’s gross living area (GLA).

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A Floor Plan Recreation is an accurate and affordable option which provides the accurate GLA of the home with approximate locations of interior walls, doors, appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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