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In the unfortunate case of Bankruptcy, an appraisal is used to determine your current equity position. The appraisal must be a well-supported, professional report that’s defensible in court. You can trust Anderson Appraisal Services to provide you with the highest quality appraisal with discretion and confidentiality.

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For both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, a bankruptcy appraisal is necessary for the valuation of real estate assets. It’s advisable to have these valuations done by a company with experience in bankruptcy appraisals, since bankruptcy judges look at not only the valuations themselves, but the underlying factual analysis from which the valuations are derived. The appraisal needs to be defensible, easy to comprehend and convincing.

Why Bankruptcy Court Needs an Appraisal

The bankruptcy court uses an appraisal for two main purposes. First, the court needs an appraisal to determine whether certain property of the debtor is exempt from the claims of creditors. In many cases, the court will protect a debtor’s house and/or other property, such as a car, from the claims of creditors. Second, the appraisal is used to determine whether the debtor has sufficient assets to pay his debts. If he does, the bankruptcy petition will likely be denied or the debtor will be required to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead and establish a payment plan to pay creditors.

Appraisals for Debtors

Before going through the bankruptcy process, a debtor should explore whether they are likely to be successful in getting their debts discharged under Chapter 7, or succeed in getting a repayment program approved under Chapter 13. An appraisal gives a debtor solid factual information about the value of their property, which can help the debtor or their council decide which type of bankruptcy to file or whether to file at all.


Don’t make the mistake of getting a cheap appraisal. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, it behooves you to invest in a professional appraisal. An appraisal that is not professional, or appears to be slanted in favor of the debtor, is unlikely to find favor with the court. If a value is listed too high, a client may miss out on the availability of a Chapter 7 and/or end of paying back more than necessary in a Chapter 13. It’s illegal to file a dishonest appraisal with the court, and some debtors have been prosecuted for doing so. By having an appraisal conducted by a reputable company with high ethical and professional standards, you tilt the odds in your favor.

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For these reasons, real estate appraisers perform an integral function in the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy professionals need to hire, work with and rely on experienced real estate appraisers. At Anderson Appraisal Services, our team of certified and experienced appraisers understand the complexities involved in assessing the value of a property under these difficult circumstances and work hard to provide you with the smoothest experience possible.

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Over the years Anderson Appraisal Services has distinguished itself as San Diego’s premier provider of appraisals for bankruptcy. We are acutely aware of the detail, skill and attention required to properly value properties and assure complete discretion and sensitivity.

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I am currently a mortgage banker and have worked for other bankers, mortgage brokers and big banks over the past 16 years. Anderson Appraisal is by far the best appraisal company I have ever work with. They are knowledgeable, straight forward, responsive and do quality work. They do what they say they are going to do. Their performance is impeccable.
Dean Brown
Dean Brown
21:12 03 May 18
Anderson Appraisal Services did a great job of successfully presenting arguments to the Assessments Appeals Board that reduced the assessed value of our property from $3.0 million to $2.0 million, and performed the work both promptly and at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use the firm again.Joel H., Property Owner
Joel Holliday
Joel Holliday
21:09 07 May 18
By far the best service we have ever received from an appraisal service! Professional and knowledgable...a true pleasure to work with.
Kurtney Noonan
Kurtney Noonan
20:52 28 Mar 18
OMG.... efficient. Friendly, Professional. Needs to be on every good AMC's list.
David Sider
David Sider
07:02 11 Apr 18
Our appraiser, Kevin, was fantastic. He was fast, understanding, and very informative. He understood the dynamics of the neighborhood, offered advice on selling, and suggestions for improvements to get added value. I would certainly recommend the services of this company.
S. Rosser
S. Rosser
02:19 21 Dec 17

Bankruptcy Appraisal Report Recommendations

Using our proprietary valuation technology platform, we develop accurate and well-developed appraisals available in formats tailored to help smooth out the bankruptcy appraisal process. We take pride in providing the highest quality appraisals and you can be confident that our appraisals will stand up to the most critical eyes.

A cost-effective evaluation ideal to pre-screen a property’s value and the debtor’s equity position at the beginning of the process to save time and money while making informed decisions early in the process.


Used when interior access to the property is not available. This exterior-based appraisal which can be used to determine the debtor’s current equity or to get a second opinion of the debtor’s submitted appraisal.

Starts at


A complete analysis developed to produce an accurate value for submission to the court. We leverage our technology and expertise to produce a trustworthy, well-documented appraisal.

Starts at


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We are constantly looking for ways to learn, network, and improve. As associate members of the San Diego County Bar Association we stay abreast of the most recent developing issues in Bankruptcy.

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